40+ Funny Ice Cream Jokes for Kids

Looking for a way to sweeten up your day or bring a scoop of laughter to your family gatherings?

You’ve landed in the perfect spot! Ice cream isn’t just a delightful treat to beat the heat; it’s also the inspiration behind some of the chilliest, most pun-believable jokes out there.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic vanilla, adore the richness of chocolate, or can’t get enough of that strawberry swirl, there’s an ice cream joke here for everyone.

Perfect for kids and the young at heart, our collection of ice cream jokes for kids will turn any frown upside down.

Get ready to giggle, chuckle, and maybe even groan a little – these jokes are all in good taste… just like ice cream! Enjoy our handpicked selection of over 30 funny ice cream jokes for kids.

Funny Ice Cream Jokes for Kids

Ice Cream Jokes for Kids

1. What’s an ice cream’s favorite TV show?

Game of Cones.

2. Why did the ice cream take a therapy session?

It had too many meltdowns!

3. How do astronauts eat their ice creams?

In floats!

4. What kind of ice cream do electricians eat?


5. Why do ice cream cones make bad athletes?

They always dribble!

6. What’s the best way to stuff a turkey?

Serve it ice cream!

7. What do you get from an Alaskan cow?

Ice cream!

8. Why did the ice cream truck break down?

Because of the rocky road!

9. How do you make an ice cream sundae?

You start on Saturday!

10. Why did the tomato turn red?

Because it saw the salad dressing and the ice cream scooping!

11. Why was the ice cream so bad at tennis?

It had a soft serve.

12. What did the newspaper say to the ice cream?

“What’s the scoop?”

13. How does a penguin build its house?

Igloos it together. Just don’t use ice cream, or it will melt!

14. What do you call an ice cream cone with a surprise flavor in the bottom?

A twist-cream cone!

15. Why was everyone so happy with the ice cream’s performance?

It was a smashing scoop!

16. What do you call an ice cream flavor that’s sad?


17. Why did the girl walk into the ice cream store with an umbrella?

She heard there were going to be sprinkles!

18. What did one ice cream scoop say to the other?

“Together, we’re unbeatable!”

19. What’s an ice cream’s favorite day of the week?


20. Why do ice creams always carry an umbrella?

Just in case of sprinkles!

21. What did the ice cream say to the birthday girl?

“Hope you have a scoop-er special day!”

22. Why did the ice cream go to school?

To become a smartie pants!

23. Why did the ice cream write a book?

Because it had a story so chilling, it had to be shared!

24. Where do ice creams go to dance?

The dessert disco!

25. Why was the strawberry ice cream so giddy?

Because it was berry, berry excited!

26. What happens when you tell an ice cream joke?

It gets a chilly reception!

27. How do you know an ice cream is rich?

When it has lots of sprinkles!

28. Why did the ice cream stop by the therapist?

It needed to cone-fess!

29. What’s an ice cream’s favorite part of school?

Recess, because it can chill out!

30. How did Reese eat her ice cream?


31. Why did everyone love the ice cream song?

Because it had a sweet melody!

32. Why did the ice cream join the circus?

Because it wanted to learn how to juggle scoops!

10 Ice Cream Jokes for Toddlers

1. What do you call ice cream on wheels?

An ice cream cone-veyor!

2. Where do ice creams love to go on holiday?

Sundae school!

3. What type of ice cream do bees love?


4. Why did the ice cream cone go to bed early?

It was a little tir-ice-cream!

5. What’s an ice cream’s favourite game?

Freeze tag!

6. What does an ice cream cone use to text?

A cone-phone!

7. How do ice creams stay in touch?

They send a “scoop-mail”.

8. Why did the ice cream get sunburn?

It left its cone-screen at home!

9. How do little ice creams stay cool?

They wear ice-caps!

10. Why was the ice cream so good at school?

It always did its chill work!

Why Jokes Are Good for Kids

kids laughing

Jokes play a pivotal role in the development and well-being of children. They are more than just a source of laughter; they contribute significantly to a child’s cognitive, emotional, and social growth.

Understanding and telling jokes helps kids develop language skills as they learn new vocabulary and figure out the nuances of language and wordplay. Humor also encourages creativity and critical thinking as children consider the multiple meanings behind puns and punchlines.

Emotionally, jokes and laughter are excellent stress relievers, providing a healthy way for children to cope with anxiety and improving their overall mood. They also foster bonding and better social relationships; sharing a laugh with friends can make children feel more connected and improve their ability to work collaboratively.

Finally, a good sense of humor can boost a child’s confidence and help them navigate various social situations with ease. In essence, jokes are a fun and essential part of growing up, supporting a child’s holistic development.


Laughing yet? We hope these ice cream jokes for kids have added a bit of joy and a lot of sweetness to your day. Remember, life is like ice cream – enjoy it before it melts!

And what better way to savor every moment than by sharing a giggle over a delicious scoop (or joke!) with those you love. Keep smiling, keep scooping, and until next time, keep those puns coming!

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